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remembering in Cambuslang

Cambuslang Bereavement Support Group meets twice a month to support people in the community in their bereavement. The group are volunteers, committed to providing a safe place for people to meet, talk about their experiences and know they are not alone.

To Absent Friends provided an amazing opportunity for us to link in with the annual remembering service, held in the local parish church on November 2nd at 2.30pm. The bereavement support group took part in this service, raising awareness of the group and offering ongoing support to those who attend. This was a community event, open to all, and the group were delighted to encourage an opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who have died. Yes, it was sad, but there were also tears of joy.

We toasted our absent friends in two specific ways . The first was a wall of remembrance – something many contributed to, leaving a message and recalling the essence of those they have lost. The content of the wall was generated by those attending the service and compiled by a local artist, and then “revealed” following the service.

The second was a symbolic act: the simultaneous release of balloons, heart shaped, let off together into the sky. There is great comfort knowing we share the human experience of profound loss; we are not alone and can support each other. There is also a profound sense that those we miss are all around us still.

We were delighted to have the support of the local newspaper the Rutherglen Reformer, who are promoting the event for us.

By Libby Milton

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