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Storytelling and drama at the YMCA

Story and drama have long been used as devices to assist children to understand situations which may be complex and difficult to grasp in logical terms. With the help of gifted story-teller, Daru McAleese, children attending Penicuik YMCA after school club had the opportunity to take part in a participative story telling session which sensitively explored the themes of loss and grief.

Daru has a natural empathy with children and the ability to create a magical world which draws young people in and enables them to bridge the gap between logic and magic, giving them new emotional resources on which to draw.

Penicuik YMCA also ran Creative remembering of those we have lost, a day of relaxing creative activity for people of all ages to get together and share memories of departed loved ones.

Led by experienced and sensitive art tutor, Jan Miller, the day provided an opportunity for participants to find a creative way of expressing their memories of loved ones in an informal supportive setting.

Morag McDonald, Youth Development Worker

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