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Celebrating David's life

David Sharp came to Carberry Care Home in April 2013. You could describe him as ‘old school’. He observed and listened to everything going on around him. He had a quirky and mischievious sense of humour.

David wasn’t very sociable in the sense of participating in group activities. He much preferred the one-to-one he had with staff and residents alike. He had a fabulous memory and was quite happy to share stories, information and memories of the past – with anyone who asked or was willing to listen.

David passed away on Sunday 3rd August 2014.

Those of us that live or work in care homes have to find ways of coping with the death of friends, like David, who are very much part of our lives. Sometimes, doing something, whether it be musical, visual or even going on an outing, can be of more help than actually talking about it.

And so, last November staff and residents at Carberry Care Home spent some time celebrating David’s life. We painted a tree in his memory, giving us some quiet time together to discuss our memories and share a giggle. And we planted a tree in our garden in memory of all our friends at Carberry who over the years we’ve loved and lost.

By Rochelle Scott

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