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Musical Memories

Thousands of older people live in Care Homes in Scotland, and most will at some point have experienced the death of close family or friends. How do Care Homes provide positive opportunities for residents to share stories and reminiscences of dead loved ones?

There is a huge potential for Care Homes to take the lead in celebrating and establishing To Absent Friends as a new and positive part of Scottish culture and Greenhills Care Home in Biggar is planned a Musical Memories afternoon for residents and staff to enjoy.

Lynne Hardie, Manager, said:

“We've set aside an afternoon in November when residents will be able to request songs and tunes that remind them of someone important to them. We’re getting live musicians involved, and it will be fascinating to hear people’s choices and the stories that go with them. It is important that staff and residents have opportunities to share memories of people who’ve died, and the To Absent Friends festival is a great excuse to do something a bit different.“

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