Festival Events 2021

Music and Memories Podcast

Available at: www.toabsentfriends.community from 1 November.

“Music links us humans, heart to heart...Across time and space, and life and death.”

Nancy Werlin

Music and Memories is planned as a locally produced podcast. People in the Stonehaven area have been invited to dedicate a piece of music and a tribute to someone significant in their lives who has died.

Music has the power to conjour up memories, to reflect our sorrow and our joy. It is the language of emotion and transcends age, culture and background. When words fail us, music can be a way to articulate what we are feeling.

The pandemic has robbed many people of the opportunity to grieve fully and seek the company and comfort of others. Others may still hold precious memories of people special to them who died some time ago. This podcast will give people in our community a platform to share their memories of those they still love and miss through words and song.

Local Celebrant Fiona Beeley and community- based Feck Radio Productions have created a dedicated website www.toabsentfriends.community and email to allow people to log their requests. The final podcast will be hosted on the Feck Radio site, accessed directly through a link on the website. By making this a podcast it can be available to the community beyond the week of the 1st-7th November, to listen to at a time of their choosing.

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