Festival Events 2021

Memories of Loved Ones and Friends

Organised by Space & Broomhouse Hub

The Beacon Club closed its doors in March 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Members did not get to see some of their good friends again. They said “see you next week” one week and one year and 8 months later our services are back but we have lost many of our friends, with no chance of being able to say goodbye and grieve for them. The staff and our new members have also lost friends and family over the pandemic and we would like this over the week’s activities to celebrate the life’s people we have lost.

For the To Absent Friends Festival, we will focus on our memorial tree. We will invite family members, past and present along with staff to complete a remembrance card and hang it on the tree and include a picture on our wall of remembrace and encourage people to tell us about the person they have lost whilst being in a safe environment with a hot drink and a biscuit.

We are working with St David’s church to provide a memorial garden for the local community and as part of this the Beacon Club are going to have a section of the garden for our members past and present and staff to plant flowers small trees and plaque’s in memory of their loved one.

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