Festival Events 2021

Gone but not forgotten

Organised by North Argyll Carers Centre.

The Covid 19 pandemic has created terrible hardships and sadness for so many, and one of the most heartbreaking effects of the pandemic has been the inability of groups to meet together to celebrate the life of a loved one after their death.

North Argyll Carers Centre has organised this moving outdoor event to allow carers throughout the remote and isolated areas where we offer support to come together and remember the loved ones we have lost.

Bereaved carers from Argyll and the Isles will meet on a local beach, where they will write the names of the loved ones they have lost in the sand. We will watch together as the sea washes the names away with the incoming tide, as the sun goes down.

Bereaved carers from Oban, Mull, Iona, Coll and Tiree can take part in the event on the same evening, at a designated local beach, accompanied by support staff from North Argyll Carers Centre.

The whole event will be recorded on drone footage to create a lasting memory of film footage for all involved.

For more information and to join us at one of our locations please email Mairi: mairi@northargyllcarers.org.uk

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