Festival Events 2020

Willowbrae Window Wanderland

Saturday 7th November and Sunday 8th November between 6pm and 9pm

In the Willowbrae neighbourhood, Edinburgh EH8

"Reflections" is an opportunity to remember and reflect on family and friends who have passed away, using the structure of

a ‘Window Wanderland.

All are invited to participate in decorating their windows or wandering, or both! Window Wanderland is described as "a way to connect people, transforming streets into magical outdoor galleries".

The process of making and sharing an artwork or doing something creative to honour someone who has died is an opportunity to spend time reflecting on that person, starting conversations, remembering details and sharing stories.

Displaying and sharing that creativity with the local community offers the opportunity to share stories further, and to brighten people’s evening in celebration of lives lived and remembered.

The neighbourhood will become an outdoor gallery at night, giving people the choice to view it in their own time, alone or with friends in small groups; and to make time and space to think about those who have died, to learn new skills, to feel pride in art made, and to connect with local people in a safe way.

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