Festival Events 2020

Walking the land and remembering you

Organised by Falkland Stewardship Trust

A walk and simple ceremony with those who have lost loved ones in 2020 in the beautiful landscape of Falkland Estate.

Subject to Covid-19 guidance, an experienced celebrant will host:

  • a welcoming circle to the accompaniment of a gently drum;
  • a silent walk to an ancient quarry, picking up fallen leaves on the journey to mourn the departed;
  • sitting on a fallen tree, each family member will share a memory in “honour” of the person;
  • a time of “release” at a small fire where family members will write and share something about the person who has died – either burning it or taking it home to treasure for now and release when the time is ripe;
  • A short closing circle of gratitude

There will also be tree planting around the site, and work with a young maker to help remember this year of loss.

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