Festival Events 2020

The Corner

Taking place throughout November

Taking inspiration from the Truacanta Perthshire project, The Corner is creating a ‘feathered wings’ display to mark the To Absent Friends festival this November. The wings will be created by two young artists from Dundee Young Carers in the coming weeks. Young people’s feelings are not always addressed when it comes to death and grieving, and the aim is to create a window display that engages young people and the general public with these issues and raises awareness of support The Corner can offer.

Teenage years, although fun, can also prove to be an emotional time. If a young person loses a someone it can be incredibly difficult for them, and they may feel like their world has come crashing down. The Corner currently offers one to one support and counselling services to all young people (11-19 years and up to and including 25 years if vulnerable).

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