Festival Events 2019

Tell It To The Bees

It has long been a tradition to 'tell the bees' when someone has died. In this event we imagine that the bees will take your message and fly it up to the heavens.

Come to the Beedookit in the Childrens Wood and Meadow, bring the qualities, jokes, images or antics that you remember about someone you loved. You can describe a human, a pet, or way of being that has died. Write, draw, bring a photo, design a message or describe your loved one on a flag for our bunting, then plant a crocus bulb in the labyrinth near the Beedookit, in their memory.

In February, when the crocus are flowering and provide the first pollens for the honeybees in the Beedookit, we will hang the bunting up. People can then walk the crocus filled labyrinth and read about, or remember the loved ones.

Decoration materials will be provided. Adults and children welcome. If you want a photo included, please make a copy.

Saturday 2 November 2019, 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm
The Beedookit, The Childrens Wood/North Kelvin Meadow, Kelbourne/Sanda/Clouston Street, Glasgow G20 8QW

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