Festival Events 2015

Essence of a Memory Exhibition

Wednesday 4 November - Tuesday 10 November

Govan Health Centre, Glasgow


A thought provoking public exhibition on display at Govan Health Centre will show how positive sharing stories of loved ones who have died can be.

The exhibition showcases winning entries from the To Absent Friends Essence of a Memory competition which ran recently as part of the Luminate Festival of Creative Ageing. The competition encouraged entrants to submit words and an image which evoke a memory of someone they love who is dead.

Picture by Kenny Gilchrist - "You sailed away in the fifties, to live a bountiful life in Canada. Though you sailed over to the after life this year Obols were placed for Charon. The lighthouse remains, the constant, shining its beam at night. Connecting family members, still sailing in life's stormy seas."

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