Festival Events 2015

Dog Stone

Sunday 1 November, 12pm - 5pm

Public Spaces, Edinburgh City Centre (weather permitting):

The Grassmarket, 12.30pm
Chambers Street (Museum Side), 1.30pm
The Royal Mile (Fringe Shop area), 2.30pm
Omni Centre (Outside, next to the giraffes), 3.45pm

St James' Centre, 4.30pm

Saturday 7 November, 10.30am

Dance Base, Grassmarket, Edinburgh (running at various intervals throughout the day before children's dance classes)


Dog Stone is an interactive storytelling adventure that explores how imagination is often used as a coping mechanism. It follows the real story of four year old Heather who leaves her memories of her Daddy and Dundee when she moves to Edinburgh to live with her Granny and Grandad. With no children to play with Heather creates her own friend in the form of a stone she finds in Grandad's garden. She ties a piece of string around his neck, walks him around the garden telling him her stories. He is her Dog Stone. Her best friend. But one day Dog Stone disappears too...

Dog Stone was originally created for children but will resonate with audiences of all ages. Creative Electric welcome families to interact with the piece together in the above locations.

For more about Creative Electric, see their website: http://www.creative-electric.co.uk/

(The 1.30pm and 2.30pm performances are being photographed. Photos will be used by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care for promotion of the To Absent Friends festival, mainly online and via social media. If you do not wish to be photographed please inform the photographer.)

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