Festival 2022

To Scotland with Love

Organised by The Prince & Princess of Wales’ Living Well Hub.

A photo of a vintage film projector shining its beam. The background is dark and the screen is not visible in the photo.

We will have a short movie showing of ‘To Scotland with Love’, about Glasgow and their surrounding areas in the past, throughout the week for our patients to remember the time of their youths. We believe that reminiscing about happy times in their lives is important and brings out great discussions throughout.

Our cinema curtain will be up at the entrance, and the screening will take place in the multipurpose area of the LWH, accompanied by cinema snacks and Nosecco.

We will also be running a To Absent Friends theme at 4 of our LWH sessions this week. Wednesday 2 November in the morning and afternoon, and Thursday 3 November morning and afternoon.

Please see our Facebook page for more details.

Photo credit: Jeremy Yap via Unsplash.

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