Festival 2022

Our Absent Friends

Organised by Rashielee Care Home

A photo of 2 people sitting on a bench in silhouette. There is a big tree beside them, also in silhouette, and the sunset is in the background.

Taking place Friday 4th November.

Our community are having a walk down memory lane, stopping at candle lit tables with prompts to remember a loved one who has died, remember a song that was important to them (we will play this song on our Bluetooth speakers into headphones), and then to remember a special moment shared. At the end of the walk, there will be an opportunity to write a postcard to the one they were thinking of and then to enjoy tea and cakes with the hope of discussing our own views on death and dying.

This event is open to residents, staff, and families of Rashielee, including the families of those who lived in the home previously.

Photo credit: Harli Marten via Unsplash.

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