Festival 2022

Funerals: Thinking outside the box

Organised by Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott (Celebrate People)

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Sunday, 6 November 2022, 4:30 – 6pm, online. Open to all.

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Come and join Celebrate People in an Absent Friends storytelling event facilitated by one of our popular celebrants, Libby McArthur. See more at www.celebratepeople.co.uk.

Many people know Libby as an actor from River City and much more. She is also a director, writer and teacher.

Libby will share some stories about funerals with a difference. She will ask you if we can really fully celebrate a life within the constraints many of us place on ourselves due to our Scottish custom and practice.

Come along and ask Libby and other Celebrate People celebrants the questions you have wondered about when it comes to funerals and celebrating a life. Share the best and the worst you have experienced and thoughts you have for your own loved one’s funeral and indeed for your own. Libby will ask if you can give up the ghost of past funerals and welcome in the spirit of the new?

We aim to inspire you to really think about the art of the possible when it comes to celebrating our lives.

End Note: Death and funerals can bring up lots of feelings and emotions. Please note that this is not a counselling event so please make sure you have the right support to look after yourself.

Photo credit: Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott

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