public tributes

Remembrance can be as simple as lighting a candle or writing someone's name. Gathered together, such acts can become powerful public tributes.

There are lots of unique and meaningful ways of creating public remembrance tributes. Below are instructions for just one of these - the 'to absent friends wall'.

How to make a To Absent Friends tribute wall

Take some pens, an empty notice board, A4 paper in lots of different colours, and a piece of card marked with the words "To Absent Friends".

In the middle of the notice board, stick the words: To Absent Friends.

Guillotine each sheet of A4 paper into four triangles of equal size, and arrange attractively so that the triangles radiate out from the centre. Write a tribute to an absent friend on a couple of the triangles, as an example to show people what the wall is for.

Leave the pens next to the notice board, and see what happens.

Some of the memories people have shared...

“Jon – you left us before you could take the world by storm”

“I miss the smell of your perfume and fags! But most of all I miss your stories and cuddles.”

"To Kathleen + John who made me. To Rosemary + David who raised me. Rest in Peace."

"To Mum, you tried so hard to hang on the for the new babies. You passed just a few days too early."

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