rachel smith

My gran and I lived together for 30 years. She took me in after my mam died when I was 13 years old. In that time we traveled abroad on her 75th birthday. It was the first time we had been abroad as we always went to Scotland. On the plane to Greece my gran was looking out of the window and couldn't understand why lights were flashing on the wings of the plane. She eventually realized it was to alert others of our wheareabouts because it was dark outside. We used to go to Lanzarote or Greece. Last holiday we had abroad gran was 89. We looked through a cave where blind crabs lived. My gran used to like to cook and bake at weekends. I will always remember her Sunday lunches. After lunch we went to the coast or town. Later in her life we used to go to the Poacher's Pocket once a week for lunch. I will never forget the love and care my gran gave me. She died at the age of 92. I was glad to be with her when she died. I will always love and miss her. Rest in peace gran love from carole

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