Gerard and Roisin

Gerard and Roisin

My precious angel Roisin you were taken so young only 6 months old ,you were so poorly ,but I remember holding you and loving you . Gerard ,my darling boy, you fought so hard to be with us ,17 wonderful years ,even although you could be so poorly .We have so many wonderful memories, your smile that could light up the darkest room ,your unconditional love , poor old honker your favourite toy ,thrown all over the place ,but we'll loved . When I left you for a second to get something from the kitchen ,when I came back the vase of flowers knocked over and you covered in white petals ,with a look of surprise as you tried to pick them off your face .The love and joy you brought to the whole family especially your big sister ,as soon as she came through the door your face lit up . You touched so many life's Gerard ,anyone who met you ,instantly fell in love with you .You are remembered with so much love and affection by so many people .We love and miss you so much ,we are truly blessed to have been chosen as your family . Gerard and Roisin ,until we meet again ,we will hold you both in our heart's forever xxx

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