Marion Sandalls

Marion Sandalls

My lovely Mum Marion died on 6th March 2013 aged 65... known as Mazza to most, and Mazza the Mercilous to my brothers friends... she was a force to behold :)

All about her kids, she applied herself to being our Mum.... my 3 brothers and I are our mothers kids... I especially am my mothers daughter. I look in the mirror and I see her looking back... I used to cringe at it, now I cherish it..

Poppies are significant at this time of year in remembrance, well my Mum's favourite flower was the poppy. We had her coffin decorated in sky blue with a poppy field bordering the bottom half.... I'm sure she would of approved!

She told me once that "to live on in the hearts of others, is not to die"...

I love you Mum xxxxxx

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