My Gran

My Gran and I had a relationship which not only spanned decades, but changed with them. During the first, she was a doting maternal Gran, first choice when a babysitter was needed, faithful attender of school shows and avid reader of school reports.

Things changed towards the end of the second decade, when we both suffered a loss which would not only change us forever, but redefine the relationship between us. Her daughter, my Mum, died. She was only 43.
We cried together, and though neither wanted to upset the other, it was somehow comforting that someone else was feeling a similar pain. Gran became the person I'd phone if I wanted to check a recipe, had exciting news to share, or needed some wise words.

During the the next decade she became a Great Gran, and our relationship changed once again. Becoming a mum myself meant that we became so much closer, were somehow more like equals - friends. I am so lucky that my children were able to meet her, and come to love her as I did. She was a big part of their lives whilst she was alive, and I feel it's my job to make sure their memories of her live on.

I miss her.

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