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The Library of Legends is about creating a small library that will pop up at Potterrow Plaza in Edinburgh for one week Nov 1-7 and will contain stories that people want to share about people they know how have died. Anyone can visit it.


The aim is for people to make an artwork or story (or anything that will fit in an A4 book) that gets them and other people thinking about people who have died.

These activities can bring up different feelings for people, and that’s okay. People can participate at whatever level is comfortable. It’s fine to stop if it feels too much

Here are a few ideas for activities. Try one or a few. 

Activity One : Memory Page

Think of a person in your life who has died. What words would you use to describe them? Are there any objects or things that make you think about them? Fill a page with words about the person and little drawings (no need to be great) of things they liked, such as a hat they always wore.

You don’t need to draw the person.

If this exercise makes you remember a story about the person, a special event or time you shared, or a story that sums them up, just jot it down simply (even if it’s only a few lines in your own words.)

Activity Two: What They Meant To Me

Think of a person who you know who has died.

If they were a colour what colour would they be?

If they were a flower what flower would they be?

If they were weather what weather would they be?

If they were a place what place would they be?

If they were an item of clothing what would that be?

What mood would they be?

Keep jotting all these down on one page and if you can draw some as little sketches, and maybe colour them in. All these things together might start to give a picture of how you felt about the person.

Activity Three: Tell A Story 

Think about a person who you have lost. Is there a day you remember with them that was really special?

A time you had with them that made you really happy?

Really proud to know them? Really impressed?

If you can think of one just write a simple story by beginning with that. Example….”I miss John. There was one day that I was really proud of him. It was the day he graduated from university because he never thought he would”.

Activity Four: Remembrance Poem

Write down the name of the person who died, vertically.

Then think of words of phrases that spring to mind when you think of them. Example: Mary


Always quick with a joke

Retired teacher, still learning

You will always be missed

More information

You can download these activities as a MS Word doc here: LL activity ideas

If you'd like to contribute your stories, artwork and poems to the library, please send them to us by email or by post. Email: jmfultonart@gmail or post to: Samara Leibner, SPPC, CBC House, 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EG.

Find out more about the Library of Legends here: Library of Legends







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