Get Involved

If you like the idea of To Absent Friends, join in! Between 1-7 November 2019 organise something big or small, celebratory or reflective, share it or keep it private.

With family and friends

- hold an Absent Friends Supper - bring together friends or family to remember and tell stories of people who have died.

- invite cousins to the pub to reminisce about grandparents and days gone by.

- hold a family afternoon tea and get the photo albums out - show children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces photos of the people who died before they were born.

- order some To Absent Friends beer mats, and take them to your local pub or café.

At work or in the community

- start a To Absent Friends wall in a foyer, on an empty notice board or staff room and see what people write.

- organise your own concert, ceilidh, labyrinth walk or storytelling evening...

- host a To Absent Friends music afternoon within a care home - residents choose a piece of music that reminds them of someone special, and everyone listens to each other's choices.

- hold a Cafe of Reminiscence.


- during 1-7 November, change your profile picture to someone you admire who is dead, and update your status to say why.

- tweet a message in memory #toabsentfriends

- write on the wall of remembrance

- share a story of someone you miss

- dedicate a song to a dead loved on on our remembrance playlist

- if you're a football or rugby fan, add a story to our Football Gallery of the Greats or Rugby Gallery of the Greats.

In private

- light a candle

- make a memory box

- enter the Essence of a Memory competition

- go for a walk

- visit a grave

- cook something that reminds you someone you miss

- climb a mountain and leave some flowers on the top

Or none of the above - do your own thing. (And if you'd like to chat about your ideas or to share what you're doing on this website, please get in touch.)

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