Festivals past

To Absent Friends, a people's festival of storytelling and remembrance took place for the first time from 1-7 November 2014, and every year since then.

It is unlike traditional, curated festivals. It exists to encourage participation, and it is non-prescriptive – groups and individuals are welcome to take part in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

Featuring a mixture of high profile public events and low-key community gatherings, the festival takes place in public spaces, over social media, among friends, families and communities, and in people's minds and hearts.

Find out more about previous years' festivals below:

To Absent Friends 2014

To Absent Friends 2015

A report of the 2015 festival is available here: TAF Report and Evaluation 2015

To Absent Friends 2016

To Absent Friends 2017

To Absent Friends 2018

To Absent Friends 2019

To Absent Friends 2020

To Absent Friends 2021

To Absent Friends 2022

To Absent Friends 2023 - 10th Anniversary

Library of Legends 2023 - an interactive public art installation to mark TAF's 10th anniversary

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