Festival Events 2020

COVID-19 has changed the ways we are able to share stories and solace, so this year's festival looks different from in previous years. Communities have found new ways to come together - gatherings are smaller and more is taking place online. In these difficult times, the To Absent Friends Festival remains a valued opportunity for sharing memories and human connection.

The Burn Flows into the Sea

11.00–12.45, Friday 6 November, organised by Lapidus Scotland

An online writing event for grieving and remembrance, led by artist and writer Jane Walker.

Jane will facilitate this event from a beach, and will guide you to write memories of absent friends, thinking about the elements of fire and water. Using your prompts, she will undertake a simple ceremony of ‘letting go’, floating paper boats on water, and burning them in fire.

Jane is a self-taught artist and creative writer, who has facilitated health and wellbeing workshops for many years. Since 2018 she has led Lapidus Scotland’s Art into Writing group.

The event is free and numbers are limited, so please book in advance: book here .

Story sharing event

7pm, Thursday 6 November, organised by No-one Dies Alone Ayrshire

If you have a story to share, or if you'd like to connect and listen to others' stories please join No-one Dies Alone for this online event celebrating this year's To Absent Friends Festival.

Places will be limited to keep the space intimate for sharing. You can book a place here: Book a ticket.

Photo credit: Timothy Eberly

Remember me memorial

Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action (DVVA) are giving people within their social isolation projects the opportunity to remember their loved ones with a personal celebration. An online gathering will be offered to those who wish to come together to remember their loved ones. People will be given a wish paper set for them to write a message of remembrance, light and watch fly into the air. They will offer people a laminated card with poems to accompany their time to remember. Packs will be delivered from 2-6 November with an online gathering being held at the end of the week for those who wish to share stories about loved ones.

Lest we forget... of hymns and memories

A collaborative effort between Unyimeobong & Mboho Ndito Akwa Ibom Scotland

This event seeks to explore the role of music in a time of grief, especially for those who could not attend the funeral of their loved ones.

This event is designed to be therapeutic and a time of reflection where people will share memories of their loved ones - an opportunity to remember loved ones who passed away but also find solace in remembering their contributions to impact their lives positively. It promises to be a cheerful evening of hymns where a family with a passion for singing will perform with musical accompaniment.

The event will be open to families to attend.

For more information and to register to attend, please contact 07456344660 or e-mail aniyimcy@gmail.com.

Saturday 7th November 2020 @ 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

5 King Street, Paisley, PA1 2PP.

Willowbrae Window Wanderland

Saturday 7th November and Sunday 8th November between 6pm and 9pm

In the Willowbrae neighbourhood, Edinburgh EH8

"Reflections" is an opportunity to remember and reflect on family and friends who have passed away, using the structure of

a ‘Window Wanderland.

All are invited to participate in decorating their windows or wandering, or both! Window Wanderland is described as "a way to connect people, transforming streets into magical outdoor galleries".

The process of making and sharing an artwork or doing something creative to honour someone who has died is an opportunity to spend time reflecting on that person, starting conversations, remembering details and sharing stories.

Displaying and sharing that creativity with the local community offers the opportunity to share stories further, and to brighten people’s evening in celebration of lives lived and remembered.

The neighbourhood will become an outdoor gallery at night, giving people the choice to view it in their own time, alone or with friends in small groups; and to make time and space to think about those who have died, to learn new skills, to feel pride in art made, and to connect with local people in a safe way.

More info here: weblink

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