Festival Events 2018

North Edinburgh Arts

North Edinburgh Arts together with other organisations in Muirhouse are organising a full programme of events for To Absent Friends. It starts with the traditional All Souls' Service at the Old Kirk and Muirhouse Parish Church, continues with the Inheritance Tracks Exhibition featuring musical dedications to those who have died, and ends with a psychic night.

For more details see their Facebook page

Sunday 28 October - Wednesday 7 November 2018
North Edinburgh Arts, 15A Pennywell Road, Edinburgh, EH4 4TZ (and other nearby venues)





Postcards To Absent Friends

Oban Hospice are hosting their first To Absent Friends event.

It begins with a remembrance café on Thursday 1st November at Oban Chocolate Company (time TBC) and another during the men’s group at the Dove Centre on Friday 2nd from 10.30 - 12.30pm. There will be an intergenerational crafting session at the Dove Centre on Saturday 3rd from 10am - 2pm, whilst on Sunday 4th they’ll be showing Beyond Goodbye at Oban Phoenix Cinema with a representative from CHAS available for further information and support. Tuesday 6th will hear Ken Hunter on Oban FM host a dedicated reminiscence slot between 10am and 12.30pm.

Throughout the week there will be postcards available for people to give tributes to loved ones through quotes, stories and poetry. These along with photographs taken during the week will be exhibited at Rockfield Centre between Monday 5th and Wednesday 7th, 2 - 4pm, offering further opportunity to talk and reminisce over tea and cake.

Events are free and open to everyone.

For further information please call Lucy Hunt at The Dove Centre, 24 Stevenson St, Oban. 01631 561315 or email lucy.hunt@obanhospice.org.uk

Thursday 1 - Wednesday 7 November 2018
Various locations, Oban

Broomhouse Centre To Absent Friends Events

The Broomhouse Centre in Edinburgh will host a week of activities for To Absent Friends. There will be a “Tree of Remembrance” in the café area with information about what the tree is about and asking all who use the café if they would like to complete a label giving tributes to lost love ones. Any member of the public is welcome.

The Centre's Beacon Club will also hold 3 private events on Thursday 1 and Monday 5 at St David’s Church and Wednesday 7 November at St Margaret’s Court, Juniper Green. Writer and performer Tamarin Fountain will be telling two interactive short stories from the past (40s to 60s) integrating well-known songs (and some poems) that the group can join in and sing along with. The members will also be asked if any the songs bring back memories of anyone in particular and encourage them to talk about those people and think of them as we sing. Tamarin will bring and use reminiscence props and at the end of each session ask the group who they would like to/hope to meet again, singing the song We'll Meet Again to finish.

Thursday 1 - Wednesday 8 November 2018
St David’s Church, 70 Broomhouse Crescent, Edinburgh EH11 3RH

NHS Lanarkshire Staff Events

The Spiritual Care and Wellbeing Department at NHS Lanarkshire will be holding several events throughout the week of To Absent Firends.

Recognising how important staff are, they are being asked to share a photo or piece of music that reminds them of a loved one, and to share a little about why. Some of the photos will be displayed in an exhibition across the three acute sites. The pieces of music will be played at an event throughout the week too.

Thursday 1 - Wednesday 7 November 2018
University Hospital Wishaw, Monklands & Hairmyres

To Absent Friends Exhibition

Our original To Absent Friends exhibition is going on display at Perth & Kinross council offices to mark the festival, giving staff chance to reflect and prompting them to share their own stories.

View the exhibition online here.

Thursday 1 - Wednesday 7 November 2018
Pullar House Atrium, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD

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